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221-23 North 52nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139

Aroma Therapeutic Products

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THE RIVERS OF THE SOUL COLLECTION... is a holistic sensory experience.  
Enjoy it in total, or in part, as the collection speaks to the five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell:

  • "Rivers of the Soul" Sensual Body Oil...   $20.00   shipping $4.95  Total $24.95
  • "Rivers of the Soul" Aromatic Incense...   $1.50   shipping $0.50  Total $2.00
  • "Rivers of the Soul" Soothing Bath Salt... $4.50   shipping$1.00 Total $5.50

Each of the above products can be ordered by calling our Philadelphia store at 215-476-0680.
(Forms of payment accepted = Visa & Mastercard)  (Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.)

To buy the sensuous book, "Rivers of the Soul",
for only $8.95, visit author Leslie Esdaile's website:
To buy the seductively smooth jazz CD, entitled, "Rivers of the Soul," for $7.99 featuring EnVogue's Terry Ellis, visit South Summer records at

To have all these products enhanced by a beautiful gift basket arrangement, visit-It's Easy Being Green, Inc. at

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