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Tradional Method for Preparing Shea Butter

1 Sort, and pick quality sheanuts...
2 Wash the sheanuts and allow to dry...
3 Grind sheanuts in a mortar...
4 .... until crushed into small pieces but not in powder
5 Roast the sheanuts over fire until dark they odtain a shiny and oily chocolate color
6 Grind again in a mortar...
7 ... until consistency reaches a chocolate dark sludge
8 Put the dark sludge on a stone...
9 Grind on stone until it becomes a smooth paste
10 Gradually add cold water, mix well and leave to cool; then add small quantities of hot water and mix well.
11 The mixtures lightens as the butter begins to appear. Add cold water in greater quantities. The butter coagulates and rises to the surface
12 Remove the gray mass out of the water, and heat over a fire. Skim off the white foam. The butter will be left at the bottom.
Last Revision:February 22, 2002